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Date: 18 June 2024
Time: 9:30AM - 12:30PM (UK)
Location: Online
Cost: £99+VAT per person (members) / £175+VAT per person (non members) 

Effective Prospecting Techniques and Social Selling

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to connect with your prospects. You face challenges such as being asked to email the dreaded info@ address, no name policies and "unavailable" team members. What’s more, there’s a fair chance that you’ll be met with short shrift when do finally get in touch with a prospect.

While you’re sometimes able to brush the fob offs aside, at others you yearn for better responses. This highly practical 1/2 day online workshop will help you to:

  • Deal positively with Gate Keepers, without being pushy
  • Reach target prospects, decision makers, and senior leaders in more creative ways
  • Know how to respond when prospects say they’re “too busy”, “don’t have the budget”, or simply “aren’t interested”
  • Develop social selling strategies and techniques that will make the difference as you start talking to prospects
  • Persuasively gain the right to continue the conversation
  • Build a sense of intrigue for the best chance of moving forwards to appointments, demos and more conversations
  • Build your knowledge and feel confident in the use of PROVEN prospecting techniques!

At the end of the session you’ll have a personalised action plan and customised call/appointment structure that can be used with immediate impact.

The results will include:

  • More conversations with better quality target prospects
  • More Demos
  • More meetings

Please use the booking form below, alternatively get in touch by emailing eventsandtraining@automate-uk.com or contacting the Events & Training team on 020 8773 5523

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