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Date: 21st May 2024
Time: 9:30AM - 12:30PM (UK)
Location: Online
Cost: £90 +VAT per person (members) / £150 +VAT per person (non members) 

Objection Handling Workshop

A practical, ‘bite-sized’ workshop, dedicated to handling objections in sales.

Whether you’ve just begun your sales career or are looking to sharpen your existing skills, this workshop is bound to be of interest. Focused on the management of hostility, complaints, and concerns, this course will give you the knowledge to handle objections such as:

  • “You’re too expensive”
  • “We want to think it over”
  • “We’re happy as we are”
  • “We feel the other provider has a better understanding of our requirements”
  • “I’m too busy”

Whether you work within a transactional sales environment or have responsibility for a longer series of micro-steps, it’s inevitable that you’ll be met with such objections. No matter your experience level, it’s vital that you know how to respond with the right mix of positivity and confidence. These abilities are key to unlocking your sales potential.

This practical and interactive workshop will enable you to:

  • Overcome price-based objections
  • Psychologically maintain control of conversations when objection handling
  • Deal with ‘fob offs’ and continue the conversation
  • Consciously adapt your conversational skills, even when caught off-guard, to keep control throughout your pitch.
  • Use a definitive framework to address concerns and close the deal
  • Deal effectively with hard buyer resistance
  • Set individual goals and follow-up actions
  • Have your sales-related questions answered by highly experienced professionals

Sales teams will always need to find ways and means to overcome objections. While acknowledging this, you should be aware of the common objections that arise in your business so that you can anticipate, adapt and deal effectively with them. During this workshop, you will develop and practice working examples, so that you can close more deals.

Please use the booking form below, alternatively get in touch by emailing eventsandtraining@automate-uk.com or contacting the Events & Training team on 020 8773 5523

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