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Date: 12 July 2024
Time: 9:00AM - 12:30PM (UK)
Location: Online
Cost: £99 +VAT per person (members) / £175 +VAT per person (non members)

Time Management

Does your to-do list ever feel unmanageable? . . . . . . . . . . .  Do you feel like you need an extra hour in the day?

This half day time management workshop is designed for ANYONE who would like to develop personal time management skills to save time and stress! It will introduce you to a number of different tools and techniques, including:

  • Identifying personal ‘time-takers’
  • Learning how to say ‘no’
  • Grasping goal setting
  • Prioritising work tasks

This course introduces skills, techniques and habits that will allow you to achieve your goals more effectively in less time with the added determination to apply them straightaway.

‘Either run the day or the day runs you!’


  • Using time as a work resource
  • identify and focus on your objectives and own key areas (your work responsibilities)
  • Identify your own time ‘stealers’ and understand how to deal with them
  • Understand the difference between urgent and important
  • Setting goals and prioritising

If you manage a team and feel that you would like to cover this content in more detail, our one day Time Management and Effective Planning Skills for Leaders and Managers may be a better choice for you. This course covers all of the above but also examines the difference between allocation and delegation and includes advice on how to protect your own time and how to help a team to be more time effective as a whole.

Please email eventsandtraining@automate-uk.com or call 020 8773 5523

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Please use the booking form below, alternatively get in touch by emailing eventsandtraining@automate-uk.com or contacting the Events & Training team on 020 8773 5523

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