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We’re putting automation at the heart of UK manufacturing.

Our about us is really all about you.

Automate UK was launched in 2023 to serve you. To be a unifying voice for members as the leading trade association for automation suppliers and end users of technology across processing, packaging, robotics and machine vision. Supporting your growth by helping you sell more products and solutions.

More applications, more support.

Through our three core divisions, we represent automation suppliers across a wide range of applications. Join us and you’ll have automatic membership to all three. We’ll then ask you to choose a primary association dedicated to your industry, ensuring that we can tailor our services to your business needs. 

  • PPMA (Processing & Packaging Machinery Association)
  • BARA (the British Automation & Robot Association)
  • UKIVA (the UK Industrial Vision Association)

Read our latest manifesto from Automate UK

View our Manifesto

You’ll value our values.


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Technology inspires us because it’s filled with new opportunities. Benefitting our members. We promote the progress of machine and automation technologies. We also support tomorrow’s workforce with future skills training.


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As the voice of the industry, we promise to remain unbiased, honest and accurate. Acting with integrity at all times, you can expect our information to be fact-checked and checked again. Credible and high quality, we’re a reliable source of information.


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Our focused, ambitious and agile approach means we’ll stay well-connected within your industry. Adapting to future developments with professionalism means we’ll continue acting in your best interests. Having gained expert knowledge, we’ll respond quickly to each new development and opportunity.


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We host world-class exhibitions and networking events to promote your growth as a valued member. Expect collaboration and growth within inclusive and accessible settings. We’re proactive, protecting your interests whilst providing expert support with technical, exporting and training resources.

Our mission

To continue strengthening the industry, we remain committed to:

  • Hosting the UK’s leading annual trade exhibition for processing and packaging machinery. This includes machine vision, ancillary equipment and robotics.
  • Promoting your products and services, via a range of printed and digital channels, to attract existing and future customers
  • Connecting your suppliers with buyers and influencers at networking events
  • Providing you with a practical gateway to access industry education and training
  • Influencing partner organisations to boost their engagement and effective lobbying of the UK Government
  • Supporting programmes that assist your import and export activities

Our Mission

Our purpose

Ensuring that automation technology is at the heart of a thriving manufacturing industry in the UK and beyond is our guiding light.

We achieve this by concentrating on three elements:

  • Driving the progress of automation technologies
  • Supporting the growth of your company as a member
  • Helping you and end users make better technology decisions

Our Purpose

Why choose Automate UK?

Trusting us to further your success is never taken for granted. We’re the partner of choice for 580+ members because:

We’re ambitious and motivated.

Accessing and influencing decision makers, we’re focused on driving the industry forward. This includes your business.

We prioritise fact over fiction.

We’re defined by our knowledge and technical expertise. Having 30+ years of experience gives credibility to everything we do. You can join our journey through membership.

We’re people-focused and familiar.

The power of partnership cannot be underestimated. Being close to and understanding your needs, challenges and opportunities, helps us create a supportive community that works together for a shared ambition.


Empower your business with Automate UK.

Empower your business with Automate UK.

Make today the day you get in touch to discover more about the many benefits of joining Automate UK.

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