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Inspiring the next generation through education and PPMA BEST.

Grant Jamieson Engineering Scholarship.

PPMA Group of Associations Chairman David Barber announced the launch of the Grant Jamieson Engineering Scholarship in December 2021.

An annual grant of up to £5,000 will be awarded by PPMA BEST to an outstanding individual who has shown both interest and potential in a field of engineering relevant to PPMA member businesses and, for whom, additional financial support will help them to pursue their engineering career.

Student training and checking equipment

Written applications will be considered by the PPMA BEST Trustees each year from several sources including:

  • PPMA members who have identified an exceptional young person who has progressed through many levels with dedication and skill and has finally completed their apprenticeship. They may also have demonstrated additional hobby-based engineering projects. They are now capable of higher education but need funding support to do so.
  • Schools who have identified a student in year 11 who attended a PPMA BEST STEM Day and who really wants to seek an engineering career and has already demonstrated a keen desire through extracurricular efforts to be an enthusiastic engineer but for financial reasons e.g., travel costs may find this difficult.
  • A College or University annually nominated by PPMA BEST who have identified an exceptional student through educational achievement and self-generated engineering projects who, whilst capable of progressing further, does not have the financial support to continue.

The award will be paid to the individual either in full or a defined schedule depending on circumstances.

To apply the company/school/university should submit:

  • Information of the person they wish to nominate
  • Detailing not just their academic achievements and skills but also engineering interests outside of work.
  • Additional details including photos and drawings, of projects or achievements, will help the trustees assess what sets this person apart as an exceptional talent for the future.
  • The reasons why the Grant Jamieson Scholarship will help the person to move onto higher education must be stated.

Written applications should be sent to ppmabest@automate-uk.com.