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Navigating challenges, embracing opportunities.

Automate UK Industry Report 2024.

Automate UK's 2024 Industry Report Highlights Challenges and Growth Prospects. 
Having committed to driving industry progress, supporting member growth, and helping users make more informed technology decisions, Automate UK is proud to introduce the industry insights report for 2023/2024.
This report features the most up-to-date and relevant analysis of the challenges and opportunities faced by the UK’s processing, packaging, robotics, and machine vision sectors today.
Based on feedback from 165 respondents, including Automate UK members, wider industry experts, and end users of automation technology, our report gives an insightful overview; highlighting the developments that manufacturers and end users expect to see in 2024 and beyond.

Executive Summary.

We are proud to present our brand-new report. Focused on helping our members understand key industry issues and opinions that will facilitate meaningful conversations with end users.

Demonstrating the desire of end-user companies for the greater adoption of automation, this report also sets out some of the perceived challenges and barriers to success. By identifying these challenges we can help inform our members so that they can work more collaboratively with their customers to break down the barriers to automation.

We also recognise the importance of working with our members to ensure that end users are kept informed of the latest technological advances in automation. Greater awareness of the products and services that our members offer will help ensure that end users adopt the most appropriate solutions for increased productivity and other benefits.

Automate UK has a vital role to play in creating an environment that will allow for greater uptake in automation. The report identifies how we will work with a wide range of stakeholders to deliver this.

Here are our top takeaways:

  • Although there is a real appetite for greater adoption of automation in the UK, there are challenges to overcome.
  • More than 83% of end users have reported how to successfully adopt automation as their number-one challenge.
  • 66% of automation suppliers have identified their main aim is boosting innovation for the development of automation technologies.
  • 67% of automation suppliers and end users are expecting to see the growing adoption of automation technologies in 2024.
  • There is collective confidence in the trend of automation growth.

The identification of industry challenges and sharing of insights about how we will work with our members and wider stakeholders to deliver greater productivity for our end users makes this a must-read. Together we can empower the manufacturing industry through the adoption of automation.

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