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ALRAD now supplies Phlox lighting for Machine Vision

Alrad Instruments has announced a new distribution agreement with French technologist Phlox Corp. to stock their machine vision lighting systems.

Phlox is specifically involved in backlighting for liquid crystal displays (in aerospace – civil and military) and machine vision lightings.

Since their inception in 1996, Phlox has put of their technical know-how into the development of products, which performance is unequalled, promoting higher luminance, better uniformity, and a longer lifecycle.

Their technological prowess has been rewarded on several occasions by prizes for the excellence of the technologies and production machinery developed.

Applications can be found in many industrial applications including:

Glassmaking; bottle inspection (glass and plastic); particle measurement; picture digitizing; dimensional control; shaping control; quality control with transparency; pharmaceutical; cosmetics; automotive; agribusiness; electronics + (HSC); particle analysis; ballistics; spray analysis (water, paint, fuel, etc.); droplet impaction; bubble formation; powder; solid particles; emulsions and pispersions, welding, liquid interface; slow motion uses.

The new range of specialist backlights, including low cost, ultra-bright, custom, RGB, high speed on-axis and tunnel lighting, is available from Alrad.

For more information on Alrad Instruments, visit: www.alrad.com