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News & Publications

Automation UK – where automation and robotics come to life

A new exhibition highlighting the importance of robotics and systems integration to the future growth of the UK economy is being launched by a group of trade associations championing the use and development of automation and industrial robots in British industry.

BARA (British Automation & Robot Association) is the respected advocate of the robotics and automation industries, while UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association) promotes the use of Machine Vision technology throughout UK industry. The two bodies share an affinity based on the combined use of vision and robotics within the end-to-end production line process.

Recognising the vast potential of automation and robotics to British industry, BARA’s aim in establishing a dedicated trade show for the sectors is to shine a spotlight on the technologies and to highlight their true value to the wider economy. Automation UK, which debuts at the CBS Arena in Coventry between 20-21st June 2023, will be the largest annual gathering of industry experts under one roof in the UK. The event has been specially designed for businesses operating in the automation and robotics markets. Showcasing the latest products and services, the show will feature live demonstrations of the latest machines.

Co-located at Automation UK will be UKIVA’s Machine Vision Conference (MVC), an established industrial vision ConFex that regularly attracts more than 500 visitors a day and features a wealth of sector-specific exhibitors and expert presentations.

Both BARA and UKIVA are part of the PPMA (Processing and Packaging Machinery Association) group, a coalition that spans the breadth of the automation and robotics sector. The PPMA itself represents and lobbies on behalf of, suppliers of processing and packaging machinery to both the domestic and overseas markets.

The PPMA group comprises more than 550 member companies and its unique structure enables it to be the authoritative voice of the automation and robotics sector, and why it delivers such a compelling offer to this new event.

Taking place in one of the finest exhibition venues in the country, Automation UK, together with MVC, will be the largest annual event of its kind in the UK. The unique, must-attend event will highlight the latest industrial products and services, robots, robotic systems, systems integration, automation control parts and systems, sensors and machine safety to an eager array of decision makers, buyers and sellers from across the UK and beyond.

Exhibitors will span sectors including:

  • Robots / Robotic Systems
  • Automated Assembly Machines & Systems
  • Parts Handling Equipment/Conveyors and materials
  • System Integrators
  • Industrial Automation Control
  • Sensors and Sensor Integrated Systems
  • Automatic Identification & Data Collection/RFID
  • Machine safety
  • Education & Skills

Mark Stepney, Managing Director of Schubert UK and a PPMA board member, said: “Automation UK and MVC will be the largest annual event in the UK to showcase leading robotic and vision suppliers. Its legitimacy is underlined by the backing of two leading industry associations – BARA and UKIVA – and will be an event not to be missed.

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