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News & Publications

DIT Supports Companies’ Access to International Investors

The Department for International Trade (DIT) supports innovative UK start-ups and scale-ups to secure international investment. If you are seeking investment, please continue reading.

About DIT Growth Capital

The Department for International Trade’s Growth Capital Team secures long-term relationships between the UK and Corporate and Venture Capital (VCs) investors, Family Offices and Private Wealth, attracting their investment into UK opportunities and engagement with the vibrant UK ecosystem. DIT does this by promoting the UK’s world-class investment ecosystem, which showcases companies at sector-specific Showcase events, bespoke Embassy roundtables and selective direct discussions and introductions with known investors.

To achieve this, DIT uses LookBooks to provide investors with initial details of specific, relevant opportunities. DIT’s experienced team works directly with over 200 Corporate VCs, over 100 VC funds globally and engage private wealth managers, matching interest, and ambition with UK opportunities.

Examples include:

  • A new $100m major US-headquartered healthcare corporate fund seeking to deploy globally
  • A Japanese VC making strategic investments into AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (internet of things) and Factory 4.0
  • A UK technology business; sharing details of their B round with over 50 strategic investors, with 17 seeking introductions
  • A HNW (high net worth) owner of a major retail chain, seeking to source and invest into innovative logistic solutions
  • A Latin American investor exploring UK deals and a UK base

These connections grow as DIT supports Ambassadors, Regional Trade Commissioners, Trade Envoys and Embassy staff to explore new relationships. In the past three years, the Government department has supported over £1bn of investment into the UK, making 100s of warm introductions for UK companies and investors.


DIT focusses on supporting UK companies that have achieved an appropriate level of maturity for the international investors it is engaged with. This varies by sector.

Threshold criteria:

  • UK Headquartered and operational
  • Intending to raise over £4m in the next three quarters and able to discuss it
  • Have a compelling pitch for investors outside the UK


  • Only include non-confidential information. DIT is unable to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). DIT will treat all information sensitively and selectively, but it is unable to control onward transmission by third parties
  • All figures should be given in Pound Sterling (£)

Please ensure your entry presents the opportunity as strongly as you can, mitigating the conventionally perceived risks for investors through (as examples):

  • Third-party validation, e.g. notable customers, duration of contracts, MRR (monthly recuring revenue), existing investors, investment to date
  • Strengths in the teams’ ability to take the business forward - sector experience, business acumen, scientific prowess
  • The potential of your solution, such as multi-language climbing the value chain, possibly from product in the direction towards service.

If you would like to discuss, please contact us at growth.capital@trade.gov.uk.  Alternatively, you can complete the online form here (scroll down to the lower half of the page)