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Elevate Your Future Today!

Elevate Your Future Today!

Would you like to set yourself up for professional success in the automated manufacturing revolution? Well, you can make the most of your upskilling opportunities and ensure that you’re on the right path with our roadmap.

Explore Upskilling Programmes

The modern workplace is being transformed through the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. Upskilling programmes provide the opportunity to adapt and ensure positive long-term career prospects in this tech-focused world. A commitment to upskilling will boost your potential earnings and ensure your suitability for a range of technological roles.

Some upskilling opportunities may be offered in the form of internal training. However, you can also gain access to a range of specialised courses and training programmes through Automate UK. As the major contributor to PPMA Business Education Skills and Training (BEST), we offer a range of support, including grants and bursaries to encourage the next generation and to close the skills gap. From STEM education days to organised work experience, we also present a variety of industry-accredited activities in partnership with other organisations.

Here are some of our upskilling recommendations:

  • Find and take opportunities to develop skills that match with your career goals

  • Future-proof your career with a focus on artificial intelligence and automation technologies

  • Develop next-generation capabilities which are sure to be highly sought after and valued by employers in the future (data management, artificial intelligence programming, and engineering being a few examples).

Engage in Collaborative Learning

As the partner of choice for forward-thinking organisations, we recognise the value of a community that collaborates and works together for a collective ambition. With this mission in mind, we encourage you to join industry forums, networking events and collaborative platforms. Such community engagement is bound to accelerate your learning journey and broaden your perspective.

You can join and grow with Automate UK in the following ways:

  • Attending regular networking events and member meetings

  • Visiting exhibitions such as the PPMA Show and Automation UK

  • Joining your peers for industry relevant training courses.

Seize Leadership Opportunities

Having made the commitment to professional development you can establish yourself as a leader in the automated manufacturing landscape. You can boost your chances of gaining such recognition with leadership-centric upskilling courses, honing your ability to think strategically and make optimum use of emerging technologies.

If you want to lead the way in the digital age then you must build essential skills such as technical and problem-solving, together with communication and co-ordination. Fellow workers should see you taking the initiative and making breakthroughs with the latest technologies. It is vital that you embrace innovation and see beyond individual differences to inspire your co-workers.

Develop your understanding of individual leadership styles, learn how to build trust, and boost your career prospects with Automate UK’s online course on leadership and management skills

Stay Informed and Adaptive

It will be essential to stay aware of technological trends and advancements as you continue to build your automated manufacturing career. You should commit to a continuous learning mindset, so that you’re able to adapt and stay one step ahead in the fast-paced digital world.  

Focused on supporting your growth and helping you make the right technology decisions, Automate UK can make the difference in this increasingly competitive marketplace. As a member you are able to access practical support, gain insights into the latest trends, and build your knowledge with our industry-leading publications.

Check out the latest editions of Machinery Update.

Invest in Your Professional Brand

You should be prepared to spend time building and refining your professional brand in the digital age. This will involve the optimisation of your professional profiles with up-to-date details of your upskilling achievements. You should take steps to increase your visibility, ensuring that prospective employers realise your true value. The effort is bound to be rewarded with opportunities for growth and career success.

As a member of Automate UK you are given the opportunity to take courses covering everything from LinkedIn profile optimisation to the development of profile-boosting marketing campaigns. We also offer guidance and support to those pursuing careers with manufacturing and automation companies.

Our professional brand-building tips include:

  • Taking opportunities to develop in-demand skills based on your career goals

  • Speaking at conferences and workshops

  • Expanding your network and highlighting your expertise where possible

  • Sharing your professional brand story via digital and in-person networks.

Are you looking for a new role in the processing and packaging industry? Take a look at the latest vacancies advertised by our members and non-members.

Summing Up

Beginning with upskilling you are encouraged to follow our pathway for personal and professional fulfilment. Take the first step today and set yourself up for a bright future in the dynamic world of automation. Know that you can count on the support of Automate UK, as we look to support tomorrow’s skills, today.

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