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How Fabory's Lubrinox fasteners can help to keep machines running

The fastener is one of any machine's most vital parts, making machine maintenance a difficult undertaking.

The various components of the machine are held together by fasteners, and if any of them break, the whole thing could disassemble. Finding the ideal fastener that can endure the harsh environments that machines are subjected to is one of the issues that machine manufacturers encounter. Herein lies the value of Lubrinox, a cutting-edge fastening option from Fabory. In this article, we will look at how Lubrinox can help keep equipment running and reduce costly downtime.

What is Lubrinox?

A premium lubricating coating is included with the fastening solution known as Lubrinox. With stainless steel fasteners, seizing is a regular issue that this coating helps to prevent. Seizing describes the issue of two touching surfaces fusing together as a result of cold welding, such as mating screw threads. This is a frequent occurrence while tightening (and loosening) stainless steel fasteners, and it can be extremely problematic for machine makers. Lubrinox stops machinery from seizing and keeps it operating efficiently.

The Benefits of Using Lubrinox

Prevents Cold Welding
One of the most significant benefits of Lubrinox is that it prevents cold welding. The superior coating on Lubrinox prevents seizing, which means that bolts and nuts will not become stuck or break. This eliminates the awkward and dangerous situations caused by bolts and nuts that no longer loosen or break.

Clean and Dry
Installation with Lubrinox is clean and dry. The coating keeps your hands and tools hygienic, and it does not stain or attract dirt. This makes it ideal for use in the food industry, where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Saves Time and Money
Lubrinox helps to save considerable assembly time, as loose lubricants are no longer necessary. Disassembly is just as smooth, which means that maintenance time is also reduced. This can save machine manufacturers significant amounts of money in the long run.

Locking Agent Applicable
Lubrinox works perfectly in combination with a thread locker. That makes Lubrinox the only stainless steel fastener range with a lubrication coating that can be used with or without locking. This provides an additional layer of security and helps prevent fasteners from coming loose.

FDA Approved
Lubrinox is FDA-approved (FDA 21 CFR 75.300 & EC 1935/2004). This makes it a perfect choice for machine manufacturers in the food industry. The FDA's approval ensures that Lubrinox meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Lubrinox: The New Standard in Every Industry
Lubrinox is the perfect alternative for anyone who works with stainless steel fasteners. Whether you are active in the food industry, mechanical engineering, or petrochemicals, Lubrinox can help keep your machines running smoothly. With Lubrinox, you save time, money, energy, and materials, while the quality of the connection is guaranteed.

Masters in Fasteners
Lubrinox is an innovation from Fabory, a company that is renowned for its high-quality fasteners. With technical advice and logistical support, Fabory ensures that your processes continue smoothly from now on. Fabory is committed to providing the best customer service and support to its clients, and Lubrinox is no exception.

The Ideal Combination
Lubrinox, as standard, is available in both bolts and nuts. Do you opt for maximum security? Then combine a Lubrinox bolt with a Lubrinox nut. Lubrinox nuts can also be ordered directly from stock at Fabory.com. This makes it easy for machine manufacturers to get the fasteners they need quickly and without any hassle.


The benefits of Lubrinox have been recognized by many machine manufacturers. Here's what one senior tactical buyer had to say about the product:

"In the design of our machines, we look at where we can make processes even more efficient for customers." Timely delivery of high-quality fasteners helps enormously in this regard. For us, the biggest reason for using Lubrinox is time savings and efficiency gains. "Thanks to Lubrinox, we don't have to buy lubricants and apply them manually."

Juriaan van der Sluijs, Senior Tactical Buyer bij Viscon


If you're interested in trying out Lubrinox for yourself, here are some of the bestsellers available on Fabory.com:

  • DIN 933 A2 70 Hex Head Bolt
  • DIN 934 A2 Hex Nut
  • DIN 912 A2 Hexagon Socket Cap Screw
  • ISO 10642 A2 Hexagon Countersunk Socket Cap Screw

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Lubrinox:

What is galling or seizing?
Galling (or seizing) refers to the problem of two contacting surfaces, such as mating screw threads, seizing up as a result of cold welding. This is a common phenomenon in the tightening (and untightening) of stainless steel fasteners.

Must Lubrinox bolts be used in combination with Lubrinox nuts?
Combining Lubrinox bolts and Lubrinox nuts equals ultimate anti-galling performance! Depending on your application, using Lubrinox bolts with regular stainless steel nuts may also work well, as may using Lubrinox nuts with regular stainless steel bolts.

Do I need to change tightening torques when I use Lubrinox?
Lubrinox fasteners have a low and constant coefficient of friction, typically allowing for lower tightening torques. Please contact us for technical advice regarding your specific application.

What if I need a Lubrinox product that is not on Fabory.com?
We can supply any stainless steel fastener, diameter M3 and up, in Lubrinox. If the item is not listed on our website, we can produce it for you. Please contact your Fabory contact person to discuss terms and conditions.

Is Lubrinox's product quality traceable?
Lubrinox fasteners come with 100% lot traceability through full batch management in our operations.
Can I receive the Lubrinox FDA compliance statement?

To obtain the Lubrinox FDA compliance certificate, please send a request to lubrinox@fabory.com.


Lubrinox is a revolutionary fastening solution that can help to keep machines running smoothly. The superior coating on Lubrinox prevents seizing, and the product is clean, dry, and easy to use. Lubrinox is available in both bolts and nuts, and it can be used with or without locking agents. Fabory is committed to providing the best customer service and support, and Lubrinox is no exception. With Lubrinox, machine manufacturers can save time, money, energy, and materials, while the quality of the connection is guaranteed. So why not try Lubrinox for yourself and see the difference it can make to your machines?