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News & Publications

Make UK Roadshows: Demystifying Net Zero (from 23 Feb)

Our Affiliate Partner, Make UK, will be running a series of FREE virtual roadshow events (webinars) – in partnership with Energy and Carbon Management – on the topic of Demystifying Net Zero, which commences on 23 February 2021 (1-2pm). Register below.

While UK’s manufacturers contend with the consequences of the EU exit and battle with Covid-19, ‘Net Zero’ has undoubtedly become a mainstream topic and is here to stay as the challenge becomes even more pressing.

According to the UN Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the UK is required to halve its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. As such, the UK Government is ramping up its domestic strategies to align with the latest CCC’S Net Zero Pathway to 2050.

The UK Government and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are committed to achieving the Net Zero target, which requires extensive changes across the economy.

The foundations are in place; however, major infrastructure decisions need to be made in the future and quickly implemented. These changes are unprecedented in their overall scale, but large-scale transitions have been achieved successfully in the UK before, such as the natural gas switchover in the 1970s and the switch to digital broadcasting in the 2000s.

Industry; particularly the UK manufacturing sector, has a pivotal role in the transition to a low-carbon economy and the Government is counting on our sector’s active participation in the Green Industrial Revolution, as coined by the PM in his 10-point plan for a Green recovery. All businesses, large or small, energy intensive or not, have a role to play.

Net Zero, along with digitalisation, is driving innovation, new and more sustainable production and business models. And while last year’s regional workshops heralded some of our sustainability champions, they also highlighted that many companies are either not focussing on this topic. Or, if they are engaged with the subject, some do not know how to get started.

What you will learn:

Make UK’s ‘Demystifying Net Zero’ series aims to build awareness and understanding of net zero. The series is structured as a progressive learning curve, from the basics (What is net zero and why do I need to pay attention?) to funding, measuring emissions, reporting, and finally setting a strategy.

It will demonstrate that business can participate in helping planet earth, and that it can be done in a cost-neutral manner and will ultimately lead to profit and resilience.

In addition to the initial introduction event on 23 February 2021, all five follow-up sessions (between 24 March and 21 July 2021) are free to attend. Each event is designed to be interactive, share best practice and provide good opportunities for discussion.

Getting started:

  • Net Zero 1: The Basics – What is it and why do I need to pay attention? – 23 February 2021 (1pm to 2pm)  |  Register for event
  • Net Zero 2: Getting started - dealing with your emissions - 24 March 2021 (1pm to 2:30pm)  |  Register for event
  • Net Zero 3: Where and how to obtain funding – 27 April 2021 (10am to 11:30am)  |  Register for event
  • Net Zero 4: Net zero and your supply chain – 26 May 2021 (1pm to 2pm)  |  Register for event
  • Net Zero 5: Reporting and communications – 29 June 2021 (10am to 11am)  | Register for event
  • Net Zero 6: Setting a Net Zero strategy – 21 July 2021 (1pm to 2pm)  | Register for event

You can download a copy of the Committee on Climate Change’s Reducing UK emissions Progress Report to Parliament (June 2020) below.

View PDF