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News & Publications

MARTECH3D Wins Corporate LiveWire 2023 Innovation & Excellence Award

3D marketing platform start-up, MARTECH3D, were crowned the winners of the 2023 Innovation & Excellence Award in the Product Marketing Experts of the Year category by Corporate LiveWire.

MARTECH3D, a UK-based 3D sales and marketing platform provider, has been recognised by Corporate LiveWire as champions within their field of product marketing.

The award comes off the back of MARTECH3D being awarded investment by Blackfinch to continue innovating their business and products.

Mark Worger, CEO of MARTECH3D, said: “We are really pleased to receive this award.

“It’s a testament to the dedication, creativity, and disruptive nature of our team, and it reaffirms our commitment to pushing boundaries and helping marketeers and salespeople to market and sell their products more effectively.”

The Innovation & Excellence award serves to acknowledge the cutting-edge expertise, forward-thinking, and proven success of businesses within the corporate sector, with winners going on to be eligible for the prestigious Global Award.

Corproate LiveWire has been celebrating expertise and corporate excellence for over 10 years and is revered for championing progressive businesses with established and growing success.

MARTECH3D will be featured in the printed and digital versions of the annual 2023 Innovation & Excellence awards publication, the printed version of which is distributed through comprehensive business and education networks around the UK.


MARTECH3D is a 3D sales and marketing platform that allows businesses within the medical technology, pharmaceutical, robotics, and wider manufacturing industries to showcase and demo their products virtually.

The 3D platform helps B2B marketeers and salespeople market and sell their products more effectively. It aims to solve key headaches within the industry, including accurately showing products and processes in an engaging way, keeping prospects engaged during sales presentations, and reducing the monetary and environmental expenses associated with travelling to demo physical equipment.

The platform comprises four products in one: a virtual showroom, interactive product demos, AR product viewer, and 3D product configuration.

The virtual showroom tool allows businesses to market product ranges in an engaging and innovative way, particularly at events where full ranges can’t be displayed.

Interactive product demos streamline the sales funnel, improve engagement, and enhance the marketability of products, as well as providing risk-free training and learning opportunities.

The AR product viewer allows businesses to see how equipment would fit into their personal space, and the 3D product configurator simplifies custom product building, removing the chance of configuration errors.

MARTECH3D was founded in 2020 by Mark Worger and was awarded funding through Blackfinch Investments in March 2023 to develop their team and enhance their products.