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Murrelektronik components - from the panel to the field

Murrelektronik’s 40-year success is based on innovative products developed to benefit their customers and react to the needs of specific industry sectors.

For the logistics and handling industry, Murrelektronik now have a range of components from the panel to the field - designed to cut down installation time, panel space and cost.

This new interactive system layout, shows the range of automation solutions specifically designed for Logistics applications.

Each of the images has a hyperlink will take you to the relevant page on Murrelektronik’s online shop for further technical data, availability and prices.

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The following components are show in the system layout attached:

  • Panel – Emparro PSU, Mico Pro electronic circuit control, IP20 IO and IP 20 switches
  • IP67 Power Supplies
  • IP67 Switches
  • Impact67 distributed IO
  • Hybrid switches and power control for Camera installations
  • MVK safety IO and MVK Fusion which has IO, IO link and Safety IO
  • A variety of pushbuttons (including safety), lamps, lights and beacons
  • Cable management and easy MQ15 quarter turn connectivity

All can be combined to create a full system or integrated into your existing system.

If you require any further information or would like to arrange a demo at your offices, contact korina.parker@murrelektronik.co.uk