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The new VMECA MV-Series Magic Grippers feature a compact design with closer mounting centres to maximise the surface area for vacuum handling. These all-in-one systems are suitable for a range of automation applications including the vacuum handling of foods, films, foils, bags, glass, steel, wood, and much more.

Transforming Vacuum Handling Processes

A development to previous Magic Gripper versions, the MV-series offers capacity for up to 4 vacuum cartridges. They also have a high vacuum flow rate, with the integrated vertical design allowing for closer mounting centres. From the MV10 to the MC25 these sleek and lightweight systems can be tailor-made based on vacuum handling applications or requirements. The integrated high-performance generator can achieve up to -92kPa.

The VMECA vacuum gripper specifications are as follows:



– High vacuum flow rate – with up to 4 cartridges
– High performance generator achieving up to -87 kPa
– Available with non-return check valve function
– Both magic vacuum cup and standard threaded suction cup mounts are available
– Manifold type (with bracket) and robot mounted flange available
– Vertical design allowing for closer mounting centres
– Integrated vacuum switch port and blow release port
– 45% reduced volume – against MC10 Magic Gripper
– Light weight and compact design


Both magic suction cup and standard threaded suction vacuum cup mounts are available for these grippers. It’s a simple matter of selecting the cup size, lip type, material, bellow length, and fitting size to suit the application. The vacuum cups can be securely connected for suction specific to each product and purpose.

Discover New Possibilities with the VMECA Magic Gripper


You can see the MV-Series Magic Grippers in operation here:



For further information about VMECA’s range of vacuum handling products, you can call 01299 877770 or email sales@simmatic.co.uk.