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News & Publications

Newtec’s LASER FLOWPACK700: An innovative and sustainable packaging solution

Newtec recently announced that it will showcase its innovative LASER FLOWPACK700 packaging solution at the upcoming exhibition MacFrut.

Taking place May 3rd to May 5th at the Rimini Expo Centre.The LASER FLOWPACK700 is a cost-efficient, fully automatic laser welding machine ideal for ultra-thin film, suitable for a wide range of packaging applications, including fruits and vegetables packed in ultra-thin, e.g. PE-film – down to 10 µm!

Sustainable Packing for the Future

Designed with sustainability in mind, the LASER FLOWPACK700 complies with the EU-2025 plastic targets. By reducing plastic consumption considerably and promoting minimal use of film, this solution offers many benefits to the packaging industry.

In addition, the LASER FLOWPACK700 boasts a high production capacity of up to 80 punnets per minute, as well as being easy to use and adjustable to different punnet needs.

Laser Sealing and Cutting in One Operation

One of the key advantages of the LASER FLOWPACK700 is its ability to combine laser sealing and cutting in one machine, simplifying and automating the production process. This feature eliminates the need for complex processes and ensures smooth operations for customers.

Advantages include:

  • EU-2025 plastic initiative compliant
  • Huge plastic savings – minimal use of film
  • High production capacity
  • No welding jaws to maintain and no fused plastic to remove
  • No re-sharping of tools

New and Improved Camera Section of Newtec Optical Sorting Machine

In addition, Newtec will also exhibit its optical sorting machine, model Celox-P-UHD for potatoes.

In a new video, Newtec proudly presents their new and improved camera section of their Celox-P-UHD which includes:

  • Newtec AI Vision Engine Gen3
  • Dual Lens Cameras
  • Next-generation Hardware

“We believe that this is the next generation of optical sorting machines offering countless opportunities”, says head of sales, Christian Max Villadsen.

With a mix of real footage and animations, the video visualises how the highly accurate tracking and grading of the potatoes take place.

Newtec’s partner Saclark Srl. will be exhibiting at MacFrut  (Newtec, C-Pack GmbH and Htech cz s.r.o. as co-exhibitors) and their team look forward to welcoming you at their stand and answer all your questions about how you can maintain your competitive edge with superior laser technology and how you can optimise your production with a Newtec Celox-P-UHD?

Visit us at:  Pavilion B1, booth 065-106