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Only One Click Away from the Products You Need with Fabory App's FastScan Feature

Introduction to Convenient Order Processing

In this fast-paced world, every second saved in our day-to-day activities counts. What if your shopping experience could be faster, simpler, and virtually mistake-free? What if your required items were just one click away? Welcome to a whole new world of convenience with Fabory app.

Exploring Fabory App Features

  • FastScan - Meet FastScan, a functionality within the Fabory app that lets you quickly scan the barcode of a product with your smartphone and add it directly to your shopping cart. It eliminates the need to manually jot down article numbers, making your ordering process smoother and error-free.
  • Barcode Generation - If your warehouse products don't come with barcodes, worry not! The Fabory app empowers you to generate barcodes yourself within your personal MyFabory account. All you have to do is head over to the "Generate Barcodes" page, enter the article numbers, and voila! With one click, a PDF file with barcodes is generated for your convenience.
  • Easy Ordering - Whether you have collected all your items or are in the middle of your shopping, you can complete the order right in the Fabory app. Prefer doing this on your laptop or desktop? You absolutely can! Simply log in to your MyFabory account on the desired device and go to your shopping cart to view and order your scanned products.

The Fabory App Ordering Process

  • Scanning & Adding Items - Imagine walking through your warehouse, smartphone in hand, scanning the barcodes of the items you need. Each scanned item gets directly added to your shopping cart. No more scribbling down product numbers or memorising them!
  • Order Completion on Any Device - Once all required items are scanned and added to your shopping cart, you can finish your order directly in the Fabory app. Alternatively, if you'd rather complete the process on a larger screen, you can log in to your MyFabory account on your laptop or desktop and access your shopping cart from there.

Getting Started with FastScan

  • Download and Log in - Ready to give FastScan a try? Simply head over to the Apple Store or the Play Store, download the Fabory app, and log in with your MyFabory account. Don't have an account yet? No worries! You can register within just a minute and get started.
  • How to Use FastScan - Navigating to FastScan in the Fabory app menu, you simply scan the barcode of the item you need and enter the desired quantity. It's that simple!
  • Placing an Order - When you've added all your products to the shopping cart, you're all set to place your order.

The Many Functionalities of the Fabory App

  • Extensive Product Information - Beyond FastScan, the Fabory app offers many more features to enhance your shopping experience. It's not just about adding items to the cart; it's also about making informed decisions. The app provides comprehensive product information, so you're sure of what you're ordering.
  • 24/7 Access to Orders & Invoices - Through MyFabory, the app ensures 24/7 access to your orders and invoices. It also offers Track & Trace, so you're always aware of your order's current status and delivery timeline.
  • Digital Catalogue - No more bulky paper catalogues! Browse digitally through the Fabory catalogue or search for products via the webshop. With all the information you need right at your fingertips, shopping has never been easier or more efficient.


By marrying convenience with efficiency, the Fabory app's FastScan functionality revolutionizes your shopping process. Whether it's quickly scanning barcodes, easily generating barcodes for your warehouse products, or ordering via any device you prefer, FastScan has got you covered. With extensive product information, 24/7 access to your orders and invoices, and the ability to digitally peruse the Fabory catalogue, the app is designed to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible.

Visit www.fabory.com for more information or contact our sales team at contactus@fabory.com.


  1. What is FastScan on the Fabory app?
    FastScan is a feature that allows you to quickly scan the barcodes of products and add them directly to your shopping cart.
  2. How do I generate barcodes in the Fabory app?
    You can generate barcodes by entering the article numbers on the "Generate Barcodes" page within your MyFabory account.
  3. Can I complete my order on a device other than my smartphone?
    Yes, you can log in to your MyFabory account on any device and complete your order from your shopping cart.
  4. Where can I find product information in the Fabory app?
    The Fabory app provides extensive product information in the webshop and digital catalogue.
  5. How can I track my order?
    You can view the current status of your order and track it using the Track & Trace feature in MyFabory.

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