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News & Publications

Rotech Solutions Alleviate Coding Pain-Points for CBD Wellness Company

Multiple award-winning wellness company, Orange County CBD source a RF Lite from Rotech

Multiple award-winning wellness company, Orange County CBD sourced a RF Lite from Rotech to automate their batch coding process, after their boost in popularity meant that manual labelling was becoming too time-consuming and costly.

Established in 2019 and situated in London, Orange County CBD have an impressive portfolio of CBD products featuring oils, skincare and edible gummies, all manufactured in-house, using only the highest quality CBD, harvested from 100% organic hemp grown in the Golden State, California.

Their mission is to normalise the day-to-day use of CBD products, for individuals struggling with a variety of ailments that negatively impact their lives, such as stress, poor sleep, anxiety and ongoing pain. This not-so-modest mission is one they seem to be conquering at great speed. The company has an ever-growing army of loyal customers alongside hundreds of glowing reviews citing how the products have changed the users’ lives for the better.

A rise in CBD use – a movement for better wellbeing

The rising awareness of the benefits of CBD, along with the popularity of Orange County’s quality products meant that Co-Founder, Aaron Spinks began to look for alternative ways to apply batch codes to their cartons. Previously they were labelling the boxes and cartons by hand – a process that was becoming too labour intensive and costly. He also required something that could guarantee clear, permanent codes and eliminate mislabelling errors for good.

After an enquiry was made with Rotech, Sales Manager Steve Ryan offered a quick and knowledgeable response, suggesting the RF Lite as an ideal solution for overprinting their cartons – backing this up with an impressive video of the system running the carton samples with ease.

The compact coding system is primarily designed to help users automate their coding process for the first time. Fitted with clean, user-friendly thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology, the innovative machine automatically takes flat-form packaging from a stack and applies a code to it, consistently and reliably, before stacking it again, ready for operator removal.

The RF Lite is perfect for quick growing companies such as Orange County, as it is capable of running at high speeds of up to 60m/min – a key consideration for Aaron, as he needed it to keep up with increasing production volumes – the company now prints over 10k cartons per day!

Sticking with Rotech

Happy that the introduction of the RF Lite had made a positive impact to their production process, Orange County looked to Rotech for a way to automatically overprint variable data directly to the labels being applied to the vials of oil.

The compact nature of Rotech’s Integra TIJ printer means that it can be easily integrated into existing production lines, to work seamlessly with other equipment, including label applicators.

The addition of the TIJ printer to Orange County’s labeller meant that they no longer had to pre-print labels or apply fiddly secondary labels by hand, meaning they saved a lot of time and no longer faced overstock/waste.

The printer also comes with its own iDesign formatting software. The company can create and edit batch and date codes, control output speeds, view job status and check ink levels. The software allows them to set the printer to print their Batch and Expiry information onto the exact area on the wraparound label.

Orange country is definitely feeling the effects of automating and streamlining their coding processes with clever coding. They’ve been able to drastically reduce labour costs, improve production throughput, and reduce costs involved with pre-printed stock.

Our team has been highly praised since the installation. Head of R&D and Production at Orange County said, “we couldn’t be happier about our experience working with Rotech! When we needed a coding machine for our business, they came highly recommended, and they didn’t disappoint. The team at Rotech was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to our specific needs. They helped us select the perfect coder that streamlined our production process and improved our efficiency. Their exceptional customer service and after-sales support have made us feel valued and confident in our investment – we couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend Rotech to anyone in need of top-quality coding solutions!”