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News & Publications

SICK Launches IntegrationSpace Digital Services Platform

SICK has established a new web-based platform, SICK IntegrationSpace, to be the home for its growing data-based digital software and services portfolio.

Seen as a key strategic development for the company, SICK’s aim is to align the operating efficiency goals of its customers in automated factory, process and logistics with enterprise-wide business improvement systems.

As the distribution channel for a modular portfolio of digital tools, services and cloud-based applications, SICK IntegrationSpace will enable users to vertically integrate sensor data from device through to the Cloud, creating transparency for users both to the sensors themselves, and the data they generate.

Though SICK IntegrationSpace, data from SICK sensors and other third-party devices becomes a valuable raw material to be collected, represented and manipulated using the appropriate web-based service.

All SICK IntegrationSpace modules are non-sector specific and are designed to work seamlessly with SICK’s sensor technology portfolio and its AppSpace software framework to serve the company’s wide-ranging customer-base across factory, process and logistics automation.

A range of asset-focussed digital services are among the key foundation modules included in the initial launch:

  • The SICK Installed Base Manager database smartphone app
  • The SICK AssetHub digital-twin asset management system
  • The SICK LiveConnect real-time access capability from sensor to cloud
  • The SICK Monitoring Box real-time analysis and condition monitoring tool

Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement and Ranging explains:

“The modular concept of SICK IntegrationSpace enables you to subscribe only to the services you use. You can connect your SICK devices in three simple steps:  Firstly, create a virtual representation (digital twin) of your device, then pair the real device with the virtual representation.  Finally, via the virtual device, manage how the data is routed and forwarded to other SICK data applications, such as individual dashboards, digital maintenance services, as well as to your third-party dashboards or business improvement systems.”

Customers may choose to start their IntegrationSpace journey by using the SICK Installed Base Manager smartphone app to build a database with fingertip access to information about both SICK and third-party installed devices.

By simply tagging the 2D code label on the SICK device, users can collect data on their entire installed sensor inventory. The SICK Installed Base Manager also enables non-SICK devices to be added. Full article here.

For more information on SICK (UK),.

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Source: MEPCA