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Introducing the A-MATE® Counter

Automation has emerged as a transformative solution to meet these challenges, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have taken centre stage. Amongst these ground-breaking technologies is the A-MATE® Counter.

In today's fast-paced world, logistics and warehousing industries face increasing pressure to optimise operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Automation has emerged as a transformative solution to meet these challenges, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have taken centre stage. Amongst these ground-breaking technologies is the A-MATE® Counter.

The A-MATE® Counter is the newest addition to the growing A-MATE® product line from our AMR technology partner, K.Hartwall. This new intelligent mobile robot is designed to automate product flows in demanding logistic environments such as warehouses, factories and sorting centres, without the need for an on-board operator or driver.

The exceptional slim design makes it the world’s most compact counterbalanced AMR in its payload class.

Peter Moore, Head of Robotics and Automation at Applied Integration says, “The movement of pallets, stillages, cages and waste bins consume thousands of resource hours/days. Often, these movements are not synchronised for process optimisation. This results in unnecessary cost, workflow inefficiencies and work in progress cluttering the warehouse/production floor”.

“The A-MATE® Counter is an autonomous intelligent pallet truck plus it provides 24/7 safe transport for all kinds of pallets ensuring efficient and cost-effective transport to the right place at the right time! As for space, A-MATE is agile and able work in tight spaces. Anyone faced with burden high volume movements from floor to 1 meter high picks will reap immediate operational efficiency/cost gains”.

Key features and benefits of the A-MATE® Counter at a glance:

  • Compact and robust design for tight spaces and demanding environments
  • Bidirectional drive for agile movements
  • 360° safety scanning, speed adjustment and obstacle avoidance
  • Long lasting Li-Ion battery ensuring long operating hours with minimal charging times
  • Equipped with the latest intelligent software
  • Smart UK and EURO pallet detection feature to pick up manually dropped off load units
  • Transports closed pallets and load carriers
  • Powerful electric free lift of 1 tonne up to 1 meter

The counterbalanced AMR helps site managers with the transition to a partial or fully automated operation. A-MATE® takes away repetitive tasks, freeing up the capacities of existing employees so they can perform more demanding tasks and ensures an autonomous and reliable performance 24/7. This reduces handling costs and improves efficiency of internal logistics.

The turning circle of 3000 mm combined with the bidirectional drive allows agile movement and turning, even in tight spaces. With a powerful electric free lift, the A-MATE® can pick up and drop off a maximum load of 1000 kg either from the floor or from shelves and conveyors up to a height of one meter. The A-MATE’s® cantilevered forks and counterweight enables pick up of closed pallets and euro containers.

Eero Heinonen, Executive Vice President at K.Hartwall says, “The A-MATE® Counter is the newest addition to our successful mobile robot product family. As a compact and agile counterweight AGV, it can handle a wide range of load carriers, especially closed pallets and lattice boxes. With a load capacity of 1,000 kg, lifting height of 1,100 mm, a turning circle of 3,000 mm and customized load handling devices it offers a wide range of applications. It paves the way for industry 4.0 and users benefit immensely from an automated internal transport of loads. Not only saves the A-MATE® Counter handling time and costs, it also compensates the shortage of skilled workers and frees up the capacities of existing employees so they can tend to more demanding tasks”.

For more information on the A-MATE® Counter, please contact our team today at sales@appliedintegration.co.uk or call 01642 717555.

Applied Integration is a leading systems integrator, specialising in delivering the latest industry technologies with a focus on Industry 4.0, Digitalisation, Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics, Big data / Cloud Technologies, Safety Critical Systems (SIL1, SIL2, SIL3) and Robotics and Collaborative Robots (Cobots). Founded in 2005, AI has a dynamic, 50+ strong engineering team with many years combined experience.

K.Hartwall is a Finnish family-owned company with a global scope. With a focus on innovative solutions, they strive to create future-fit logistics solutions that answer the needs of their customers and bolsters their industry development. The company is internationally recognised for providing smart logistics solutions for goods delivery and merchandising, including returnable load carriers, tugger trains and AGVs. K.Hartwall counts over 1,500 customers in the Retail, Postal&Parcel and Automotive industries on all continents. Thanks to their efficient global delivery capability they have the flexibility to support their customers independently of the volumes or location. Today they employ more than 250 people and have a turnover of 108M€.

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