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Creating greater opportunities through training and careers.

Automate UK recruitment & careers.

Since our original inception as PPMA in 1987, Automate UK has continually held itself to high standards. This includes our employees, Board of Directors and Executives, with everyone sharing a belief in building a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Sharing ideas with integrity has helped us arrive at where we are today, but our work is never finished. We’ll continue to drive innovation in future years. Expanding alongside the training, networking and conferences that we offer, you can also rely on our recruitment and careers pages.

How can we help you thrive?

You can depend on Automate UK to assist you with your business’s recruitment needs as the voice of the processing and packaging machinery industry. Alternatively, you may be seeking a role based within our trade association.

Here are two ways in which Automate UK can contribute towards your success in terms of providing recruitment and career assistance.


Your processing and packaging business deserves to be supported in terms of securing the top talent it seeks. That's why we promote a selection of attractive job opportunities located across the UK. Featuring vacancies from members as well as non-members, Automate UK’s job listings highlight inspiring roles.

Not only empowering members (like you) who are looking to grow. This service is also used by individuals hoping to achieve their professional ambitions.

For example, your next opportunity could be working as:

  • A Service Engineer
  • A Technical Sales Consultant
  • An Electrical Design Engineer

Engineer receiving training

And the possibilities don’t stop there. New vacancies are added over time, meaning you can bookmark our page to find an exciting role should you desire a new challenge or a move into the industry.

Find a list of the exciting roles available on the Automate UK recruitment page.


Or maybe you’ve discovered the many ways in which we support our members and would like to contribute to their success. As the leading trade association for processing and packaging machinery businesses, we often look for new people to shape the future of automation and robotics.

Advancing your career with our esteemed industry standing and connections, you’ll be supported to be your best every day. Knowing that you’re helping 580+ valued members increase their sales is an incredible feeling too. It speaks to our philosophy of partnerships between people.

Our next chapter as part of the Automate UK brand is just beginning. Will you join our network of dedicated professionals by viewing our careers page?

Training an employee on robotics

Support and be supported with Automate UK.

Automate UK’s recruitment and careers pages are creating a brighter future for the sector and end users of its technology. View our available careers or contact us to find out more.